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An unofficial history of the Kinneloa Irrigation District was written in 2004 by Chuck McReynolds who passed away in 2006.  Chuck was a long time resident of the area and a former board member of the Kinneloa Irrigation District. Chuck, is remembered by his friends and neighbors for his humor and outspoken opinions on the KID and many other subjects.  We greatly appreciated Chuck's effort to preserve the colorful history of the KID and wanted to pass it on to our customers and other interested parties.   Chuck provided the opportunity for KID staff, current and former board members and his friends and neighbors to provide input, corrections and comments.  However, please note that this document, which is presented exactly as published by Chuck, may contain some factual errors and is not an official document of the Kinneloa Irrigation District.

History of the Kinneloa Irrigation District by Chuck McReynolds ©2004



The history of the Kinneloa Ranch and Sierra Madre Villa area was published in a newsletter of the Villaloa Neighborhood History Society in July 1994.  This group was active following the October 27, 1993 wildfire that burned 121 homes in the area.  This newsletter was edited by Chuck McReynolds with Marianna Bowman as the Historical Advisior.

History of the Kinneloa Ranch by Villaloa Neighborhood History Society ©1994