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Kinneloa Irrigation District

The Kinneloa Irrigation District was formed in October 1953 by Resolution of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.  It operates under the rules and regulations of Division 11 of the State of California Water Code and is not under the jurisdiction of the Public Utilities Commission.  A five member publicly elected Board of Directors serves as the governing body.  The KID started serving customers on December 15, 1955, when it acquired the assets of the Kinneloa Water Company.  Additional water services have been added over the years including the following:

  • Between 1956 and 1973, 75 additional homes were build in the Kinneloa Canyon and Kinneloa Estates developments.
  • In 1974, the KID acquired the assets of the Mira Loma, Canyon Mutual and Osborn Water Companies and 225 additional  services were added to the District.  The KID formed an improvement district to upgrade and replace infrastructure in those areas.
  • In 1978, 24 new homes were built on Villa Highlands and Villa Knolls roads.
  • In 1983, 27 homes were built in an undeveloped area of the District know as Hastings Heights.
  • In 1990, 48 town homes were built at a site near New York Drive and Altadena Drive.
  • In 2003, 21 building sites were completed in the Kinneloa Canyon area known as Kinneloa Ridge and homes were constructed on 20 of the lots over a two-year period. 
  • Water service to additional individual building lots and common landscape irrigation sites over the years account for the current 587 services.
  • Approximately 25 vacant lots remain in the District.