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Begin Water Service 

New to Kinneloa Irrigation District and interested in opening a water service account? 


If you are a new customer and wish to start your water service, or if you are an existing customer and moving into a new home in our area, please fill out the following Application for Water Service online form and submit your completed application below. 


The undersigned owner/tenant/agent/property manager hereby requests water service at:

and agrees to pay therefore in accordance with the rates, rules, and regulations of the KINNELOA IRRIGATION DISTRICT, as said rates, rules, and regulations may be in effect from time to time. The undersigned acknowledges that by accepting this application, the District does not guarantee to supply water in any specific quantities or at any specific pressures. The undersigned also acknowledges that any charges for water and other services, or either, if unpaid shall constitute a lien on the land upon which the water was used and/or services rendered, even though the indebtedness was incurred by other than the owner. The District may refuse service to any land if outstanding charges for services already rendered such land have not been paid within forty-five (45) days.

Owner Contact (Mandatory) if above information is for Tenant or Agent/Property Manager)

Second Contact (optional)
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For further assistance please call 626-797-6295, and we will gladly assist you with terminating your service.

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