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Water Conservation Status

Color  Code  “Orange”  is  defined  as  a  Rationing  Conservation  Alert.  Customers  are required 
 to  minimize  indoor  water  use  and  severely  limit  outdoor  water  use  as  follows:
1.   Residential  and  commercial  landscape  irrigation  is  limited  to  no  more  than  two  (2) 
days  per  week and no more often than every third day nor during the hours between 9:00 a.m. and 
6:00 p.m.
2.   The filling, refilling or adding of water to indoor and outdoor pools, wading pools, or spas 
is prohibited except to maintain levels.  However, the District strongly urges that a cover be used 
to prevent  evaporation and thereby reducing the frequency of refilling.
3.   The use of water to clean, maintain, fill, or refill decorative fountains or similar 
structures  is  prohibited except to maintain levels.  However, the District strongly urges that 
use of these structures be discontinued.
4.   Vehicle washing is restricted to the use of a hand-held bucket and quick rinses using a  hose 
with a shut-off nozzle. The District encourages customers to use recycled water or a commercial car 
wash that uses recycled water.
5.   Customers shall fix leaks within 48 hours upon notification or observation of the leak.

The Kinneloa Irrigation District Water Conservation Program can be viewed here.