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Our Customers

The customers of the Kinneloa Irrigation District (KID) offer a varied profile. Most of our 588 metered customers live in single-family homes in hillside or canyon settings adjacent to the Angeles National Forest.  The homes vary widely in age from newly-built to more than 100 years ago. The average household numbers 3.3 persons and the homes vary in size from small cottages to large ranch-style or multi-story mansions.  Some of the properties are zoned for horses. Some of our customers live in a 48-unit townhouse complex that was built in 1990.  One hundred homes were rebuilt after the 1993 Kinneloa-Altadena wildfire.

In addition, KID serves a few commercial customers that include a church, a school, a nursery, the Los Angeles County Flood Control District, Los Angeles County Fire Station 66 and the Eaton Canyon Equestrian Center. The KID also supplies water for fire protection throughout its service area.