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Drought 2014 

Governor Brown has declared an official drought and urged an immediate 20% reduction in water usage.  What does this mean for KID customers?  KID does not plan to restrict watering times and usage, but we will continue to applaud your voluntary effort to be water efficient.  For example you can: 

1.  Wash cars with a bucket and sponge and a hose with a self-closing nozzle or use a car wash.

2.  Water landscaping early in the morning or late in the evening and use drip irrigation.

3.  Check your sprinkler system frequently and adjust watering times to reduce run-off.

Check out these sites for additional water saving ideas: or  Rebate information is available at

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Welcome to the Kinneloa Irrigation District

The Kinneloa Irrigation District (KID) is a public agency that owns and operates a water system in the north-central part of Los Angeles County near Pasadena, California.  The service area of the District covers approximately 500 acres plus it encompasses a watershed area north of the District containing approximately 500 acres adjacent to the Angeles National Forest.  The KID serves a population of approximately 1,500 and has approximately 600 metered services.  Revenue for the KID is derived exclusively from the sale of water to its customers.

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