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Conservation Alert Status

Water Conservation Alert Status Today is Normal, Color Code Blue

CONSERVATION ALERT STATUS IS NORMAL - Customers shall minimize indoor water use and shall water outdoors no more than three (3) days per week and no more often than every other day nor during the hours between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Thank you for your continued voluntary efforts to be water efficient!

The Kinneloa Irrigation District Water Conservation Program was adopted by the Kinneloa Irrigation District Board of Directors on October 21, 2014 by Resolution 2014-10-21A. The requirements and provisions of the program are summarized below:

  • The water resources available to KID are to be put to the maximum beneficial use.
  • The waste or unreasonable use, or unreasonable method of use of water are to be prevented.
  • The conservation of such water is to be practiced with a view to the reasonable and beneficial use thereof in the interest of the customers of KID and for the public health and safety...

The purpose of this program is to provide water conservation regulations, in a phased approach, to minimize the effect of a shortage of water supplies on the customers of KID during various critical stages of a water shortage. The following practices and prohibitions are in effect at all times:

1. Water hose usage: Hose washing of sidewalks, walkways, driveways, parking areas, tennis courts, patios, porches or other paved areas shall not be permitted. Exceptions: Flammable or other dangerous substances may be disposed of by direct hose flushing by public safety officers for the benefit of public health and safety; Schools and other businesses that are required to hose down public eating areas.

2. Overspray and runoff: Use of water for any purpose which results in overspray, excessive runoff onto hardscapes, driveways, streets, adjacent lands or into gutters shall not be permitted.

3. Fountains, similar structures and swimming pools: Use of water to clean, fill or maintain levels in decorative fountains, similar structures and swimming pools shall not be permitted unless they have a recirculation system.

4. Leaks: Leaks from any facility both inside and outside of a customer’s premises must be repaired promptly after the customer is notified of a leak or discovers a leak. Failure to repair any leak shall subject the customer to all waste of water penalties provided herein.

5. Irrigating times: No watering, sprinkling or irrigating shall take place between the hours of nine a.m. (9:00AM) and six p.m. (6:00PM) in any landscaped or vegetated areas, including, but not limited to, grass, lawn, groundcover, shrubbery, annual and perennial plants, crops, trees, and California-friendly plantings, except for very short periods of time for the express purpose of adjusting or repairing an irrigation system.

6. Hand watering: Hand watering of non-turf areas is allowed using a hose with a shut-off nozzle or watering can.

7. Windy and rainy days: No watering, sprinkling or irrigating shall take place on days when the wind is causing overspray or when it is raining.

8. Vehicle washing: The washing of automobiles, trucks, trailers, motorhomes, boats, buses, airplanes and other types of equipment shall be done with a bucket or using a hose with a shut-off nozzle. Vehicle washing may be done with recycled water or by a commercial car wash using recycled water.

9. Swimming pools:  Owners of outdoor swimming pools, wading pools or spas are requested to use covers to minimize the evaporation of water when pools/spas are not in use.

10. Construction water: Water for construction purposes including but not limited to de-brushing of vacant land, compaction of fills and pads, trench backfill and other construction uses, shall be used in an efficient manner which will not result in runoff.

11. Fire hydrants: The use of potable water from fire hydrants shall be limited to firefighting related activities or other activities immediately necessary to maintain the health, safety, and welfare of the residents.

12. Reporting waste of water: The District shall maintain a program for residents to report waste of water throughout the District boundaries. Residents are requested to report any observed waste of water from surrounding properties or in the community and report to the District for follow-up.

13. New development: All landscape must be in accordance with the permitting agency's landscape ordinance. If the permitting agency does not have a landscape ordinance, the Department of Water Resources Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance will apply.

In addition to the above normal practices and prohibitions, the KID will determine a Water Conservation Alert Status that may have additional requirements. The current water conservation alert status is Color Code "Blue" which is defined as an Normal Conservation Alert. Customers shall minimize indoor water use and shall water outdoors no more than three (3) days per week and no more often than every other day nor during the hours between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.